Home Inspection – Foundations

An inspection of a building ensures the health and safety of its residents or workers. Before you rent out your building, it’s always better to get it inspected, in order to avoid any complaints. Similarly, before finalizing an apartment you’re about to buy, or an office hire too, inspection is a great idea. Ed Building Inspections is a blog on termites, pests and other inspections, where you can read well-researched articles and watch video...

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Building Inspector Interview

Getting building inspection done from time to time is essential for keeping the health of your home in check, and therefore monitoring how it is affecting the health of its inhabitants. Specially when you are about to buy a new home, or you plan to get yourself an apartment on rent, it is very important that you first get the inspection done. Likewise, when you are thinking to rent out or sell away a property or building, professional...

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Importance of a Home Inspection

Building inspections are important not only when you are experiencing certain, for example, pest related problems or finding the air stale, but it is simply essential before buying, selling or renting property. For sellers and renters, it is important for customer satisfaction levels, and for buyers, it is indispensable, for it can cost a lot to get rid of these problems later, once you have moved in. We at ED Building Inspections are experts...

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Demolition Made Easier by some effective tips

House demolition needs to be done in the correct manner, in order to make it effective. Many houses are made of concrete, and there are ways in which this can be destroyed in an incorrect manner. Breaking concrete slabs can be dangerous for the neighborhood when pieces go flying. Similarly, noise and dust produced from breakage are harmful for those in the environment. What we actually need is an easy solution which does not cause any harm to...

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Importance of a building inspection

When going for a building inspection, there are quite a few things to keep in mind. A property inspection is a physical inspection of the property’s insulation, windows, walls, flooring, roof, heating system and many other things. A professional inspection is an examination of the current condition of the property and its asset valuation. When purchasing a new property the purchaser has to look at these things properly and seriously since...

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Demolition of an old building

Demolition of old buildings is slightly different from those of new buildings. The techniques vary from one company to another. Logically speaking, it takes lesser effort to break an old building as compared to a new one. In this video, you can see an old building at the corner of a road being destroyed. The excavator here is tearing the building apart from the sides. As an individual who wishes to construct a new home, you need to hire the...

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